A series by LJ Vickery


Book I: Rock Hard—A god who hasn't felt the sun's heat in hundreds of years. A woman, damaged beyond trust. Can he get her to stop running from him...and from herself?

Book II: Taken by Storm—The joker in a band of twelve gods, he takes nothing seriously until he's taken captive by a woman he thought he'd never encounter; the only one in the worlds who has the power to make him come undone.

Book III: Going Deep—He doesn't deserve her. He doesn't deserve anything, and apparently the fates believe that to be true, as well. Sent far away from the one who sets him on fire, the woman of his dreams is the only one who refuses to give up.

Book IV: Frozen Stiff—Cold is his middle well as his first and last. He thought it impossible to be thawed, but impossible is not in her lexicon.

Book V: Royally Screwed—He's nothing like her. She's smart, dedicated, and a natural born healer. His past is so checkered that no female should ever want to touch him. Why can't she see that he's nothing but heartache, waiting to happen?

Book VI: An Ill Wind—She's not his type, and her take-charge attitude does nothing but piss him off. So how come he can't get her out of his mind, and why does he feel a gut-wrenching need to protect her?

Book VII: Tied up in Knots—His proper upbringing has him completely unprepared for the sexually adventurous minx with whom fate has thrown him together. Should he walk away, or should he throw his hard-won control to the winds.

Book VIII: If he Builds It—He had true love once, or so he thought. Now, hundreds of years later, he's given the chance to experience it again. But does he dare?

Book IX: Scorched—The god of the sun. His sexual preferences don't fit in with what fate has decreed for his buddies. Can he find happiness and stay true to himself?

Book X: Untamed—He's calm and cool under fire, but will the latest catastrophe have his back up, or have him purring with pleasure?

Book XI: Deluge—The most lethal of the gods, he doesn't trust himself around anyone who lacks the powers to fight back. He just wasn't expecting that power to come in the form of a petite, female authority figure.

Book XII: Illogical—Logical and always in control, the woman of his dreams threatens to shatter every barrier he's ever erected around his life, and his heart.

Book XIII: Something Old—He's had a full life, so pushes his needs away in order to help his friends find their happiness. What he least expects, is meeting a woman with the power to bring him to his knees.

Book XIV: Ascent—Bitter, disillusioned, the warrior god is resigned to his fate. He'll do what he must for his brothers, but happiness, for him, is just a joke. So why does his heart weep for a woman who has faced even more adversity?